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The creator and director of the GRUP CASANOVA and of all the companies making it up -C&C CASANOVA S.A., CASANOVA&CASABEL, EDICIONES PLANET LOOK S.L.- is Gonzalo Casanova Fernández, a person who has spent his entire professional life in the world of hairdressing, and who possesses 30 years’ experience of teaching in the sector.

[C&C Group] Gonzalo Casanova began working at a very young age at LLONGUERAS, where he spent 12 years as Technical Director of one of the firm’s salons. Over the course of those years, he travelled around the world, directing the LLONGUERAS Galas, carrying out demonstrations and training a number of the company’s teams of stylists, together with Luis and Enrique Llongueras. Subsequently, he became Director of the LLONGUERAS Creator Group.

As an active member of the select group of Hair Group professionals, he studied thepossibility of channelling the experience he had gained at Llongueras into designinga truly different concept in basic hairdressing training. Different, because whatis really key to Casanova is the students' training: to prepare them to make a strongentry into the world of work. It was with this philosophy as its mission that, in1983, the first teaching centre of the company CASANOVA&CASABEL,,located in calle Arnús in the city of Badalona (Barcelona), was born.

Encouraged by the success achieved by his training method in just one year, Casanova decided to open new centres in new cities: in 1984 one opened in Calahorra (La Rioja), whilst 1985 saw one opening in Cartagena (Murcia) and a second school in Badalona. Shortly afterwards, CASANOVA&CASABEL became a partner company of the Directorate-General of Employment of the Generalitat de Catalunya (the government of Catalonia), with a new school opening in La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida) and a third in Badalona, which incorporated beauty training. Currently, CASANOVA&CASABEL has three centres, located in Badalona and Santa Coloma.

[C&C Group] At the end of the 80s, given the enormous lack of quality hairdressing and beauty teaching he detected, Spain-wide, Gonzalo Casanova decided to open a new line of training centres in collaboration with Llongueras. The project benefited from the training prestige of Casanova, since Llongueras had previously rejected a number of franchise proposals from teaching companies. Thus it was that the C&C LLONGUERAS brand was born, full of hope and in the certainty that the work that needed to be done in this country was colossal.

1989 saw the opening of the company’s first centre in the city of Murcia, whereas today there are centres spread across Spain: Alicante, seven in Barcelona, two in Madrid, Zaragoza, three in Mallorca, León, Linares (Jaén), Lleida, Granada, the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) campus, two in Murcia, Ciudad Real, Reus, Roquetas de Mar (Almería), Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Vitoria, Ibiza, Gandía, Toledo, Mahón, etc.

The prestige acquired over the course of these years by the company has gained such importance at a professional level that the majority of the hairdressers in the cities hosting C&C LLONGUERAS schools place their trust in the firm when they need young assistants for their salons. Why? Because they know very well that the training they have been given is their best guarantee. Such it is that it can be shown that around 90% of those who have studied with C&C LLONGUERAS are currently working in both hairdressing and beauty salons. They are also working for themselves or in other fields such as advertising, image, sector sales executives, fashion shows, etc.

[C&C Group]

Alongside his activities over recent years at the helm of CASANOVA&CASABEL and C&C LLONGUERAS, Gonzalo Casanova has overseen the creation of a series of very ambitious and different projects, which are all related with the fascinating work of hairdressing and beauty. First, at the beginning of the nineties, came the launch of a new line of beauty products, C&C COSMETICS, designed especially for professional use. With their simple yet attractive presentation, C&C COSMETICS products are equal in quality to the best on the market, and are only used and distributed at CASANOVA&CASABEL and C&C LLONGUERAS centres: from shampoos to creams and including foams, lotions, perming lotions, etc. An entire range of products which includes everything needed in a hairdressing salon.

Additionally, Gonzalo Casanova’s attention has been directed in recent years towards to world of communication, and it is in this context that the two youngest members of the GRUP CASANOVA have been created, as the perfect complement to the schools and cosmetics: the video production company AYALA VISIÓN S.C.P. and the personal image information magazine C&C MAGAZINE.

[C&C Group] The production company AYALA VISIÓN S.C.P. has already born its first fruit. It has launched a collection of 25 DVDs, entitled “The World of Hairdressing”, that constitutes a fundamental audiovisual encyclopaedia for teaching hairdressing. The series, which has been created by a complete team of university professors, doctors, teachers, and hairdressing and audiovisual communication professionals, covers all the subjects required to provide future hairdressers with comprehensive training: from the history of hairdressing to the basics of capillary biology and anatomy, including all of today’s hairdressing techniques, new technologies, marketing fundamentals, sales and administration, etc. Work is currently progressing on the creation of teaching materials for beauty students.

For its part, C&C MAGAZINE first saw the light in 1996 as a modest magazine aimed, especially, at a market of more than 2,000 hairdressing and beauty students across Spain. With each new issue, the magazine has grown proportionately in both number of pages and quality, whilst increasing its number of contributors and advertisers, revealing the importance that it has acquired.

[C&C Group] The projects of Gonzalo Casanova and, therefore, of the GRUP CASANOVA, continue developing and adapting themselves in line with the future requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

The history of the GRUP CASANOVA is being written day by day with the efforts of all: we are a young company with many projects to develop.


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