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[Llongueras & Casanova distance teaching CCLLONGUERAS & CASANOVA] The projects of Gonzalo Casanova and, therefore, of the GRUP CASANOVA , continue developing and adapting themselves in line with the future requirements of an increasingly demanding market:

With this goal in mind, the company CASANOVA&CASABEL has announced the launch of the LLONGUERAS&CASANOVA distance learning brand. Its mission to provide distance hairdresser training, to reach all those who, for whatever reason, cannot fit the timetables established by a school, live far from a major city or provincial capital or simply choose to follow a different teaching method that is nevertheless completely valid in today’s society. For more information, visit our web site at:

[Didactic material] Obviously, LLONGUERAS & CASANOVA distance teaching will be supported by the structure created and the methods already successfully used by the C&C LLONGUERAS y CASANOVA&CASABEL hairdressing and beauty teaching centres. Additionally, this company will also employ materials as important as the AYALA VISIÓN S.C.P. video collection, the information regularly supplied by our C&CMAGAZINE magazine and, naturally, the quality of a range of products as comprehensive as that provided byC&C COSMETICS IMAGE COLOR S.L.


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