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Gonzalo Casanova

Entrepreneur and strictly professional businessman, he has spent his entire professional life triumphing in the world of hairdressing. He is the creator and Director of the C&C Llongueras teaching centres: after 12 years as Technical Director of Llongueras, he revolutionised the concept of hairdressing and beauty teaching, relying on the Llongueras method, which he has used for more than 20 years to train sector professionals. The keys: training, method and attitude and, above all, QUALITY.

The creator and director of the C&C LLONGUERAS hairdressing and beauty teaching centres is Gonzalo Casanova, who has spent his entire professional life in the world of hairdressing and personal image, and who has been specifically dedicated to training for more than 25 years.
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After 12 years as Technical Director at Llongueras, working together with Enrique and Luis Llongueras, Gonzalo Casanova created a new concept in basic hairdressing and beauty teaching inspired, obviously, by the prestigious and consolidated Llongueras method. The C&C LLONGUERAS training approach covers not only the theoretical and practical aspects of the profession, but also places special emphasis on a concept that is, for Casanova, vital: attitude. This is because it is your attitude that will really determine, above and beyond any technical knowledge, whether you will triumph in the world of work. It is thus the firm’s mission to provide its students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to carry on their profession whilst, at the same time, impregnating them with a “can do” spirit and a positive attitude to tackling their job.

For Casanova, the three key elements in good training are attention, dedication and analysis of work. The difference: QUALITY. Educational and human quality, quality in professional training and quality in customer service. More than 90% of those trained at C&C LLONGUERAS are today working in hairdressing salons or beauty parlours.

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