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Frequently asked questions

  • Why a C&C LLONGUERAS franchise?
    You will benefit from a consolidated brand of great international prestige within the personal image sector, that will help with the creation and development of your business. You will join a franchise chain whose key objectives are business profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • What is the profile required to set up an academy?
    If you believe you have commercial and management skills, form part of the personal image world and have the start-up capital, you have a great chance of tackling this kind of business. We are looking to add to our teams professionals loyal to the commitments they have taken on and who are with us for the long haul.
  • What support will you give me?
    will be supporting you at all times in every aspect of your business. From the search for premises to their design and layout, recruitment and initial and continued training of staff, advice, design and drawing up of advertising and publicity campaigns, to the management and development of the business.
  • What are the steps to be followed in opening a franchise?
    Our team of professionals will assist you in the entire process of making your plans come true. Firstly, we need to meet and explain how we work, and you should visit one of our centres to gain greater insight into the business.
  • Where can I open up a franchise?
    In any city whose population density is considered suitable and which has not been assigned to another franchisee.
  • What kind of help to I receive with designing and building the premises?
    We draw up a detailed plan of the design of the premises’ facilities, which must meet corporate image guidelines, respecting the chain’s standards. It also supplies a Works’ Manual which details all the elements required in the construction, decoration and installation. We only oversee the works, but we can, if required, supply experts to carry them out if the franchiser so wishes.
  • What type of training do you offer me?
    offers minimum initial training of one month at the head office and the Barcelona pilot centres. Additionally, the Franchisee benefits from continuous refresher and updating training on all aspects of the business. You can also request at any time tailor-made training for both the Franchisee and its team.
  • What forms of advertising and publicity are employed?
    provides the Franchisee with an advertising/publicity strategy, as well as the design and originals of the adverts to be published, thereby keeping the corporate image standardised across the country. It also makes available to the Franchisee both promotional and corporate material.
  • What financial resources do I need?
    For the implementation of the project, a minimum amount of start-up capital is required, which we estimate to be around 30% of the total investment. The financing of the remainder is usually handled directly with the institutions the interested party usually works with. We can draw up a business plan to help with presenting the enterprise.
  • What return can I obtain from the franchise?
    If you follow the parameters set by C&C LLONGUERAS you will obtain interesting profits, recovering the capital invested in a reasonable period of time. Additionally, it is a matter of satisfaction and pride to us, as we indicate in our mission statement, that you will also obtain human and social benefits.

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