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Distance hairdressing (cped) ¡PROMOTION! SAVE 50%

Enseñanza a Distancia Llongueras & Casanova is a new company in the Grup Casanova. It is designed to reach all those who, for whatever reason, cannot fit the timetables established by a school, live far from a major city or provincial capital or simply choose to follow a different teaching method that is nevertheless completely valid in today’s society.


To bring training in hairdressing to all those who, for whatever reason, cannot follow it at a specialised centre and to train students so that they may carry out any hairdressing task.

designed for

Anyone who wishes to receive training in the world of hairdressing.


Between 6 and 12 months, in accordance with the student’s criteria.


Free timetable.


1 – The history of hairdressing (1850 to 2000).
2 – Introduction to capillary biology and anatomy.
3 – Dermatology I (Introduction).
4 – Dermatology II (Safety and hygiene).
5 – Tools, devices and hair products.
6 – Hair washing.
7 – Cutting I (Configuration and Visagism).
8 – Cutting II (Short, medium and long).
9 – Cutting III (Layering and desfilados).
10 – Styling I (Rollers and rings).
11 – Styling II (variants).
12 – Colour I (Base).
13 – Colour II (Decolouration).
14 – Colour III (Highlights and colour effects).
15 – The perm I (Introduction and setting up).
16 – The perm II (Variants).
17 – Straightening (General issues).
18 – Blow drying I (guidelines).
19 – Blow drying II (Variants).
20 – Hair gathering and buns.
21 – Prosthetics (wigs and their variants).
22 – Communication techniques.
23 – Image advisory services and new technologies.
24 – Hairdressing-related photography and video.
25 – Administration


A Llongueras & Casanova distance teaching diploma, as a is a C&C Llongueras presence-based class certificate, in the case of taking practical classes.

teaching team

Individual and administrative teacher.

teaching material

25 books, 25 Dvd's, 24 vouchers for attendance-based classes, scissors, combs, wood-style pick, brushes (including small, medium and large styling brushes), smooth perming cap, plastic streaking cap/tapes, book of perming paper, wooden curlers (dozen), blue plastic rollers (dozen), medium hair clips (dozen), white roller pins (bag), large plastic separators (bag), bowls, tint brush, surgeon’s gloves (1 pair), professional blow dryer, ringlets paper waste bank, blue nylon hairdresser’s cape, hair drying net, hairdressing mannequin, metal mannequin support.

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Distance hairdressing (cped) ¡PROMOTION! SAVE 50%


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