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[C&C Magazine] C&C MAGAZINE first saw the light in 1996 as an internal magazine for the firm’s basic hairdressing and beauty academies, and was originally designed for around 2,000 students across Spain. Soon, however, it made the leap towards a larger public and became a monthly publication aimed at the country’s professionals. With each new issue, the magazine has grown proportionately in both number of pages and quality, whilst increasing its number of contributors and advertisers. Today, C&C Magazine is one of the most important magazines in the Spanish industry, offering the contents required to help hairdressers remain abreast of innovations and trends in this rapidly-changing profession.

Furthermore, C&C Magazine is closely linked to the hairdressing and beauty world’s signal events, being a noteworthy member of many, as the official magazine of the most important industry event in Spain, Madrid’s Salon Look, as Spanish sponsor of the Global Salon Business Awards, professional media in Spain of the multinational Steiner, member of the Association Internationale de la Presse Professionnelle, amongst many other examples.

C&C Magazine stands out for its fresh, youthful image and its extremely well-crafted design. The latest news from the personal image world in your hands every month!

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